Petition to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario:

Whereas Nursing homes should be a safe place to live and provide quality care for the 77,000 residents of long-term care (LTC) homes is a priority for many Ontario families;

Whereas In Ontario today the ratios of staff to residents is simply too high to provide safe care with dignity, and a recent study of minimum care standards recommends 4.1 hours of direct care per day;

Whereas MPP’s voted unanimously in favour of Bill 33, Time To Care Act, second reading on November 2, 2017, which would provide the needed four hours of care for nursing home residents;

Whereas Ontario is experiencing a critical shortage of Personal Support Workers (PSW’s) exacerbated by the impossible work expectations as well as less people are entering this profession, and more are leaving;

Whereas The provincial government does not provide adequate funding to ensure care and safe staffing levels in long-term care homes keeps pace with resident’s increasing acuity;

Whereas Front line care-givers experience verbal, sexual and physical violence regularly yet these same workers have received wage increases well behind the rate of inflation; and,